Dwarf Chapter 20 PQ
Da Great Smashin' Pit

Da Great Smashin' Pit Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 20

location: Craghelm's Hold, Black Crag, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Venom Lake, Bait and Hit

PQ Lore: The large pit appears to have been formed from some catastrophe be it magical or natural. Whatever its origin, the greenskins have found it serves as a great location for all the gits to fight. The Goblins and smaller Orcs less prone to jumping into the carnage of the pit have built scaffolding to line it from where they stand as Smashin' Pit Gawpers and instigators occasionally throwing objects or even each other into the fray.

Ellamina sees the pit as an excellent assault location. For if the Dwarfs can stop the greenskins here, the remnants should scatter leaderless and bickering. Should they fail however, Ellamina knows the likelihood of the Oathbearers surviving such a raging mob is slim to none.

Stage 1: Smashin' Pit Brawlers

Stage 2: Gits Riled Up

Stage 3: Da Boss

Stage 4: Overwhelmed

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