Dwarf Chapter 22 PQ
Redfang Crag

Dammaz Skar Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 22

location: Gav's Oathbearers, Black Crag, Chapter 22

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Defiled Anvil, Poisonwing Canyon

PQ Lore: Brugash Redfang directs the most violent mob of the Bloody Sun Boyz in this area. They have lived in the midst of infighting, carnage and all degenerate behavior imaginable. This tribe has existed without contact of any other race let alone Dwarfs for countless years as Karak Drazh had been lost for nearly a millennia and none have been daring or foolish enough to enter this pit of carnage. Until today.

General Kromil Weatheredmane is at the front of this daring assault in hopes to carve a path to Eight Peaks. He and a regiment of Oathbearers armed with Doombringers come to avenge grudges long past but never forgotten on their path to Eight Peaks.

Stage 1: Bloody Sun Greenskins

Stage 2: 1st Cannon Progress

Stage 3: Grudges Settled

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