Empire Chapter 2 PQ
Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff
zone: Nordland

Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 2

location: The Grey Lady Coaching Inn, Nordland, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Burning Windmill, The Norse are Coming!

PQ Lore: Schloss von Rubendorff was once used as an armory for the Nordland militia. With the scores of new recruits joining the ranks of the army, weapons are needed. A small force has been dispatched to the now-ruined castle to salvage whatever weapons remain.

Stage 1: Norse Raiders

Stage 2: Claim the Skulltaker Banner

Stage 3: Fjeldrin the Savage

comments and responses

You can engage Fjeldrin on his own without having to deal with the champions behind him. Make sure you pull him back. We took him down with a WP6, BW7, and WH7
30/10/2008 21:45

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