Empire Chapter 2 PQ
The Norse are Coming!
zone: Nordland

The Norse are Coming! Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 2

location: The Grey Lady Coaching Inn, Nordland, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Burning Windmill, Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff

PQ Lore: Norse Dragonships ride the icy swells aground at Corpse Cove. Now the cries of sea-birds are drowned out by the savage howls of the invading Norse as they storm the beaches near the coastal village of New Emskrank.

Stage 1: Norse Tents Burned

Stage 2: Norse Boats Burned

Stage 3: Griffon Sea Watch Slain

Stage 4: Hralgar the Kraken

comments and responses

For stage 2 in order to burn the ships you have to head up the hill to where the empire has cannons and right click on the bonfires in order to acquire torches to toss on the ships.
30/10/2008 21:38

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