Empire Chapter 3 PQ
The Webworks
zone: Nordland

The Webworks Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 3

location: New Emskrank, Nordland, Chapter 3

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Faewulf's Rest, Pillagers' Approach

PQ Lore: Frightened villagers from New Emskrank found their way to what they assumed was an abandoned cave. The peasants were never heard from again. Several search parties were dispatched to learn the villagers' fate, but none have so far returned.

With the Chaos warhost storming southward across Nordland, the Empire cannot afford to lose valuable recruits. Whatever foul creature calls the cave home, it must be confronted and destroyed.

Stage 1: Stalker Venomfangs

Stage 2: Cocooned Citizens freed

Stage 3: The Devourer

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