Empire Chapter 3 PQ
Faewulf's Rest
zone: Nordland

Faewulf's Rest Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 3

location: New Emskrank, Nordland, Chapter 3

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PQ Lore: These ruins, once a settlement of the ancient Semundri tribe, are the birthplace of the infamous chieftain named Faewulf.

Faewulf was favored of Chaos and although he has been dead for centuries, his birthplace is assiduously avoided by the Nordlanders. Rumors of ghosts and other supernatural happenings within the ruins have been perpetuated for generations.

The fact that none who have so far ventured into the ruins have returned only reinforces the Nordlanders' superstition regarding Faewulf's Rest.

Stage 1: Ancient Stones

Stage 2: Summoning Stones Destroyed

Stage 3: Sinikar

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