Empire Warcamp BO
Nordland Docks
zone: Nordland

The Nordland XI Objective

Order, Empire, Warcamp

location: Arnholdt's Company, Nordland, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Harvest Shrine, Festenplatz, Lost Lagoon

PQ Lore: The forces of Chaos are descending on New Emskrank by land and sea. The Nordland IX, pride of the Empire's northern fleet, is the key to the town's defense. Its powerful guns have kept many of the Norse longships at bay, and its deep supply holds mean relief for a starving town. However, the ship remains vulnerable when unloading its cargo and the town's meager defense are no guarantee of safety. The loss Nordland IX would herald the loss of the Empire's border, for the ship's dominance of the northern waters is the only force restraining a flood of Northmen from overwhelming the Nordland defense.

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