Empire Chapter 4 PQ
Altar of the Bloodbane
zone: Norsca

Altar of the Bloodbane Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 4

location: Gotland Advance, Norsca, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Pit of the Forsaken, Ulfenwyr

PQ Lore: The dreaded Altar of the Bloodbane is a fearful monument to the gods of Chaos. All about the ancient altar are the bones of men and creatures who have fallen prey to some evil that lurks there. Adding to the mystery, Nordlanders relate tales of a woman's wailing voice that can be heard from the Altar when the Chaos Moon waxes full.

It seems that some abomination has been awakened by the presence of Chaos in the region, and it has claimed the Altar of the Bloodbane as its home.

Stage 1: Bloodbane Devotee

Stage 2: Standing Stones Destroyed

Stage 3: Fjotli Bloodbane

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