Empire Chapter 4 PQ
Pit of the Forsaken
zone: Norsca

Pit of the Forsaken Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 4

location: Gotland Advance, Norsca, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Altar of the Bloodbane, Ulfenwyr

PQ Lore: In his bid to conquer the town of Gotland, a powerful Sorcerer of Chaos opened a portal to the abyss within the town's walls. The warping energies of the portal caused the land to sink and deform, creating a large pit. Those unfortunate peasants who resisted the invasion were cast into the pit and emerged moments later as soulless thralls.

Horrified by the sight, the remaining villagers laid down their arms and agreed to join the invaders. Now the Empire's soldiers must confront both the beasts from the pit and the Nordlanders who have foolishly pledged their souls to the Ruinous Powers.

Stage 1: Gotland Peasants Rescued

Stage 2: Madren

Stage 3: Festering Abomination

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