Empire Chapter 4 PQ
zone: Norsca

Ulfenwyr Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 4

location: Gotland Advance, Norsca, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Altar of the Bloodbane, Pit of the Forsaken

PQ Lore: The advance of the Empire's army toward the colder northern lands requires the harvesting of firewood in Norsca, and toward this end, an Empire regimental captain dispatched an expedition to conduct some lumberjacking for the army's needs.

The soldiers ventured deep into Spindekraken Wald and were never seen or heard from again. Now the agents of the Empire must find out what happened to those men, and decide if their army's dire need for firewood is worth the risk of losing more troops.

Stage 1: Bilerot Scavengers

Stage 2: Bilerot Plaguebearers

Stage 3: Khaankr the Rotten

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