Empire Chapter 6 PQ
Grave Diggers

Grave Diggers Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 6

location: Felde Castle, Troll Country, Chapter 6

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Blighted Farm, Slayer's Demise

PQ Lore: War and plague have taken a heavy toll, and there are far more bodies to bury than there are gravediggers. Left with little choice, the peasants dig shallow mass graves to at least cover up the stink of the decaying corpses.

Now a pestilence of vile grave robbers drawn from miles around by the lure of easy wealth has descended upon the cemetery. Such lawlessness and anarchy cannot be tolerated if the Empire is to hold together in this time of trials.

Stage 1: Slavering Ghouls

Stage 2: Grave Diggers

Stage 3: Rhizha

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