Empire Chapter 6 PQ
Slayer's Demise

Slayer's Demise Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 6

location: Felde Castle, Troll Country, Chapter 6

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Blighted Farm, Grave Diggers

PQ Lore: Not long after the outbreak of the war, a cadre of Troll Slayers has set up a camp in Troll Country to seek out a glorious death in battle against the strongest Trolls they can find. It seems many of them have been successful, for there is little now left of the camp. Scattered gear and overturned tents describe a scene of great struggle. Perhaps it was the Trolls who instead found the Slayers?

Stage 1: Bog Trolls

Stage 2: Protect Slayers

Stage 3: Muckspit

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