Empire Warcamp BO
The Ruins of Greystone Keep

Ruins of Greystone Keep Objective

Order, Empire, Warcamp

location: Blackbramble Hollow, Troll Country, Warcamp

PQ Lore: The Empire fort known as Greystone Keep has long held the threats of Troll Country at bay, and prevented their spread further to the south into Ostland. The townsfolk of Felde regarded Greystone Keep as their shield against Northmen barbarians, Trolls, and brigands. Now, however, the old tower lies in ruins, having been smashed by the artillery of the Raven Host after its defenders scattered in the wake of the plague which ripped through nearby Felde. Though ruined, the stub of the tower is still defensible, and the power which occupies it controls the western reach of the Raven's End Wood.

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