Empire Chapter 8 PQ
The Black Mire
zone: Ostland

The Black Mire Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 8

location: Bohsenfels, Ostland, Chapter 8

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Nurenmir's Lancers, Siege of Bohsenfels

PQ Lore: The Black Mire is the name given by the locals to the forested area southwest of Bohsenfels. The calls of wild animals echo in the woods by night, accompanied by the sound of war drums.

Now, travelers passing by the wood speak of beasts walking on two legs, all making their way toward the Black Mire. If a great herd is indeed gathering, then time is running out. The Beastmen must be stopped before their strength is too great.

Stage 1: Black Mire Gors

Stage 2: Chaos Trolls

Stage 3: Ghuurkor

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