Empire Chapter 8 PQ
Nurenmir's Lancers
zone: Ostland

Nurenmir's Lancers Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 8

location: Bohsenfels, Ostland, Chapter 8

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Black Mire, Siege of Bohsenfels

PQ Lore: The bodies of armored men and horses lay crumpled on the forest floor as unnatural tree roots weep a sap of crimson. Of the troop of Lancers headed to reinforce Bohsenfels, only a handful of wounded now remain.

Unsatisfied with the slaughter, Hjorta Graydeath and other scavengers of the Raven Host now pick through the remains, determined to inflict pain and terror on the surviving lancers before ending their lives.

Stage 1: Rouse Wounded Lancers

Stage 2: Norse Vanquishers

Stage 3: Ufkell Soulcleaver

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