Empire Chapter 8 PQ
Siege of Bohsenfels
zone: Ostland

Siege of Bohsenfels Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 8

location: Bohsenfels, Ostland, Chapter 8

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Black Mire, Nurenmir's Lancers

PQ Lore: The smoke of cannons and the shriek of tortured metal warns the exhausted defenders of Bohsenfels to prepare for another attack. Straining to see the battlefield through the haze of black powder smoke, the weary protectors of the town can do little but watch as the Northmen swarm like ants toward the walled town.

Unless something is done soon, Bohsenfels will fall to the army of Haargen Bloodmane.

Stage 1: Savage Warriors

Stage 2: Siege Mortars Destroyed

Stage 3: Haargen Bloodmane

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