Greenskin Chapter 2 PQ
Sharpthorn Wud

Sharpthorn Wud Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 2

location: Da Big Saw, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Sharpthorn Rock Mine, Ironclaw Camp

PQ Lore: The Sharpthorn Wud skirts the river southeast of Da War Maka. Swarms of Orc woodcutters now fell the ancient trees of the forest, transforming this pristine grove into stump-covered waste. Discarded piles of wood dot the area, waiting to be brought to the gaping maw of Da War Maka and hewn into coarse lumber needed for the construction of Rock Lobbers to be used to attack the Gates of Ekrund. But Sharpthorn Wud is not unprotected. The spirits of the forest have taken affront at the wanton destruction of their home. Sharpthorn Spites, the embodiment of the forest's hatred, have begun attacking the greenskins whenever they venture into the wood. Now the greenskins will need to move amongst the trees in greater number or risk the wrath of the forest guardians.

Stage 1: Tenacious Spites

Stage 2: Trees Chopped

Stage 3: Solayrn

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