Empire Chapter 9 PQ
Howling Vale
zone: Ostland

Howling Vale Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 9

location: Wolfenburg, Ostland, Chapter 9

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Gore Wood, Wolfenburg

PQ Lore: The Forest of Shadows has always been home to tribes of Beastmen, but as the war spreads into the dark reaches of the forbidding wood, attacks by these ancient foes of men are on the increase. Recently, the Beastmen ambushed a wagon bound for Wolfenburg that was carrying much-needed supplies for the refugees there.

Ostland Huntsmen have located the herd that stole the supplies and relayed the information back to command.

Stage 1: Gather the Much Needed Supplies

Stage 2: Bestigor Raiders

Stage 3: Bray Ghaarkil

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