Empire Chapter 9 PQ
zone: Ostland

Wolfenburg Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 9

location: Wolfenburg, Ostland, Chapter 9

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Gore Wood, Howling Vale

PQ Lore: Wolfenburg, capital of Ostland, is little more than an empty shell. Ravaged by plague and the rampaging hordes of Chaos, the city is now a desolate ghost town. A few intrepid souls still brave the streets of Wolfenburg to scavenge for supplies or search for some hope of recapturing the lost city, but evil creatures now lurk in the shadowy alleys waiting to prey upon the unwary.

Stage 1: Afflicted Zombies

Stage 2: Kindling Set Alight

Stage 3: Noxion the Wounder

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