Empire Chapter 10 PQ
Chaos Ruins
zone: High Pass

Chaos Ruins Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 10

location: Nuhr's Crest, High Pass, Chapter 10

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Foetid Plains, Tomb of the Traitor

PQ Lore: The route leading to the toppled monoliths deep within High Pass has grown treacherous with the passing years, and is avoided by even the most foolhardy adventurers. The ruins, however, are far from abandoned. A sullen red light leaks from between the toppled stones, and the sounds of screaming and sibilant chanting echo from the snow bluffs nearby.

Drawn to the ruins by whispers on the wind, Sorcerers are joining together to enact a dark ritual of such power, it may spell doom for all the Empire.

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