Empire Chapter 10 PQ
The Foetid Plains
zone: High Pass

The Foetid Plains Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 10

location: Nuhr's Crest, High Pass, Chapter 10

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Chaos Ruins, Tomb of the Traitor

PQ Lore: Tentacles protrude from the ground all about this ancient battlefield, undulating and waving when any creature draws near.

Some claim that there was so much blood spilled on these tainted grounds, a terrible beast was born in the belly of the mountain. The many arms of this beast reach upward in search of more ichor upon which to feed.

Unfortunately for the Order of the Griffon, they must pass through these fields in their search for the traitorous Doctor Zumwald, architect of the plague.

Stage 1: Bulbous Daemonvine

Stage 2: Horrid Daemonvine

Stage 3: Murderous Core

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