Empire Chapter 10 PQ
Tomb of the Traitor
zone: High Pass

Tomb of the Traitor Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 10

location: Nuhr's Crest, High Pass, Chapter 10

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Chaos Ruins, The Foetid Plains

PQ Lore: The Betrayer was an ancient Champion of Chaos said to be so consumed by bloodlust that when the battle with a rival tribe was over, he turned on his own men and slaughtered them. From that point on he wandered the Chaos Wastes selling his services to any warlord that would pay him.

Even after death, the Champion's maddening thirst for battle affects all who come near his tomb.

Stage 1: Blood Warriors

Stage 2: Pieces of the Shattered Key

Stage 3: Hertzig the Traitor

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