Empire Chapter 11 PQ
Cult of the Magus
zone: High Pass

Cult of the Magus Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 11

location: Raven's End, High Pass, Chapter 11

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Temple of Change, Lake of the Damned

PQ Lore: Flames of purple, pink, yellow and blue dance in the air as a coven of Sorcerers call forth energies from within the Empyrean. Whatever fresh evil these powerful Magi are seeking to call forth from within the swirling portal can not bode well for the Order of the Griffon. The Cult of the Magus must be stopped.

Stage 1: Magi Orator

Stage 2: Magi Chosen

Stage 3: Hredric Blackheart

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