Empire Chapter 11 PQ
Temple of Change
zone: High Pass

Temple of Change Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 11

location: Raven's End, High Pass, Chapter 11

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Cult of the Magus, Lake of the Damned

PQ Lore: Toppled pillars and crumbling walls of marble are all that remain of the Temple of Change. The ruins describe the release of terrible, uncontrolled power long ago. So great was this explosion of magical energy, the mighty walls of stone were blasted apart by it.

The Northmen of the warhost have stumbled upon the remains of the temple and recognize it as a place of power. Their fervent worship has reinvigorated whatever ancient energies lay dormant here, and now vile and horrific creatures of Chaos once again march forth from the Temple of Change.

Stage 1: Changing Cultists

Stage 2: Monolith Destroyed

Stage 3: Zyra the Ever-Changing

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