Empire Chapter 11 PQ
Lake of the Damned
zone: High Pass

Lake of the Damned Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 11

location: Raven's End, High Pass, Chapter 11

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Cult of the Magus, Temple of Change

PQ Lore: Within the Valley of the Damned, the tortured moans of captured Empire soldiers mingle with the guttural sounds of sorcerous incantations.

Those who die here know that they will not be granted the quiet peace of Morr's embrace. Instead, these unfortunate souls face an eternity of service to the Ruinous Powers. It is a fate far worse than death, and one that no mortal being should have to suffer.

Stage 1: Soldier's Souls Saved

Stage 2: Maniacal Raveners

Stage 3: Wylsyk the Manifested

Stage 4: Defeat Kroakryth Mindtwister

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