Empire Chapter 12 PQ
Echoes of War
zone: High Pass

Echoes of War Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 12

location: Bitter Woods, High Pass, Chapter 12

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Grisly Herd, Shrine of Tzeentch

PQ Lore: Millennia ago, during the first incursion of Chaos, armies of Elves and Dwarfs marched through this forest on their way to confront the Daemonic hordes of the far north. Along the way, they came into conflict with the many beasts that had been warped and twisted by the taint of Chaos. Many courageous Dwarfs and Elves died in these skirmishes.

As the tides of Chaos surge once more across the land, the anguished spirits of these fallen warriors rise and walk the land.

Stage 1: Grounds Cleared

Stage 2: Lost Ground

Stage 3: Cirosyan Silverstaff

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