Empire Chapter 12 PQ
Shrine of Tzeentch
zone: High Pass

Shrine of Tzeentch Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 12

location: Bitter Woods, High Pass, Chapter 12

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Echoes of War, The Grisly Herd

PQ Lore: The Order of the Griffon has tracked the fugitive Doctor Zumwald to this shrine. The Doctor hides, calling upon the power of the Raven God to protect him from the Emperor's justice.

The shrine is an effective hiding place; the lands all about are so potent with the power of Tzeentch that all who venture near are forever changed by blue, pink, and yellow flames that dance across the icy slopes. Only faith in Sigmar will guide the soldiers of the Empire through this treacherous approach.

Stage 1: Keeper of the Shrine

Stage 2: Celestial Wizard Shards

Stage 3: Tzeentchian Artifact Defeated

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