Empire Chapter 13 PQ
Bitterschaum Swamp

Bitterschaum Swamp Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 13

location: Hergig Landing, Talabecland, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Wagon Defense, Witch Fire Glade

PQ Lore: The usual signs of greenskin occupation are everywhere in Bitterschaum Swamp: freshly chopped trees, piles of refuse putrifying the brackish waters, and the occasional cry of "Waaagh!" echoing in the mist.

Captain Melicent Drauwulf is brutally aware of the danger a sizable greenskin force could pose to the troops under her command. Unless the Swamptoof Orcs are dealt with soon, the entire company may very well end up slowly roasting over Goblin cookfires!

Stage 1: Swamptoof Squigs

Stage 2: Swamptoof Bashas

Stage 3: Bhutghas Badwind

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