Empire Chapter 13 PQ
Wagon Defense

Wagon Defense Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 13

location: Hergig Landing, Talabecland, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Bitterschaum Swamp, Witch Fire Glade

PQ Lore: The only remaining task for Captain Drauwulf and her troops in Hergig is the destruction of the nearby bridge. Unfortunately the shipment of blasting powder has gone missing.

If the blasting powder cannot be found, Drauwulf's men will find themselves alone and cut off from the rest of the army as the Chaos warhost bears down on Talabecland.

Stage 1: Injured Wagoneers Revived

Stage 2: Blasting Powder Collected

Stage 3: Ghuurash Blackhorns

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