Empire Chapter 13 PQ
Witch Fire Glade

Witch Fire Glade Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 13

location: Hergig Landing, Talabecland, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Bitterschaum Swamp, Wagon Defense

PQ Lore: Witch Fire Glade is notorious in the minds of the Talabecland populace. For years the small bowl-shaped dell has been used as a place of execution for those accused and convicted of witchcraft.

While it is likely that many innocents were burned alongside the guilty, the glade has continued to see consistent use up until quite recently.

With the area abandoned by the peasants fleeing before the Raven Host, a group of cultists loyal to the Ruinous Powers have claimed Witch Fire Glade as their own.

Stage 1: Witch Fire Acolytes

Stage 2: Cult Witches

Stage 3: Sartrassa the Purged

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