Empire Chapter 14 PQ
Unterbaum Cemetary

Unterbaum Cemetary Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 14

location: Unterbaum, Talabecland, Chapter 14

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Meuselbach Farm, Unterbaum Castle

PQ Lore: In the village of Unterbaum, many peasants succumbed to the plague. The survivors stacked the corpses into wagons with the intention of taking them to the cemetery for a proper burial. Just as they arrived at the cemetery, the plague victims began to awaken.

Now the graveyard is overrun with the newly-risen victims of the plague, and any who venture through its gates will be savagely attacked.

Stage 1: Mindless Zombies

Stage 2: Burn the Festering Corpse Carts

Stage 3: Podgore the Leaking

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