Empire Chapter 15 PQ
zone: Reikland

Root of Rebellion Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 15

location: West Temple, Reikland, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Fields of Ruin, Heinrich Estate

PQ Lore: Not all the servants of the enemy are savage warriors or potent Sorcerers. The Great Manipulator counts treachery and deception among his most favored weapons, and he is always seeking to spread dissent and anarchy among the people of the Empire.

Silver-tongued demagogues give voice to the peasants' dissatisfaction and misery, whipping them into a rebellious frenzy. If the voices of this anarchists are not silenced, the soldiers of the Empire will find themselves doing battle with angry mobs while the rampaging Northmen march unchecked toward Altdorf.

Stage 1: Rebellious Provokers

Stage 2: Rallied Loyal Peasants

Stage 3: Kelmaur the Dark Apostle

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