Empire Chapter 15 PQ
Fields of Ruin
zone: Reikland

Fields of Ruin Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 15

location: West Temple, Reikland, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Root of Rebellion, Heinrich Estate

PQ Lore: Grapes hang on the vine, the harvest now forgotten, as a crowd of angry peasants struggles past the few remaining guards at the vineyard's manor house.

Before the last of the guards is overwhelmed, the first torch has already sailed overhead and ignited the landowner's home.

The crackling flames are punctuated by cheers from the rebellious crowd. With the manor house disposed of, the mutinous workers now turn their ire towards the fields themselves.

Stage 1: Rebel Instigators

Stage 2: Hedge Wizards

Stage 3: Overseer Berault

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