Empire Chapter 15 PQ
Heinrich Estate
zone: Reikland

Heinrich Estate Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 15

location: West Temple, Reikland, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Root of Rebellion, Fields of Ruin

PQ Lore: The residents of Heinrich Manor have only recently become aware of the growing unrest among the populace. Hiding within their manor house as the vineyards around swarm with bellicose peasants, it is unclear if the Heinrich family clearly understands what fate awaits them.

As the fields below rage and burn, the angry mob turns their attention to the run-down manor house and its oblivious residents.

Stage 1: Rebelling Militiamen

Stage 2: Rebel Assassin

Stage 3: Escort Lord Heinrich to the Courtyard

Stage 4: Edgar Smythe

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