Empire Chapter 16 PQ
The Enemy Within
zone: Reikland

The Enemy Within Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 16

location: Reik River Observatory, Reikland, Chapter 16

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Reik River Bandits, Castle Grauenburg

PQ Lore: A palpable aura of fear hangs over the village of Grauenburg. Soldiers walk the streets, their bright mail and shining swords frightening all but the most stubborn dissenters into compliance. Peasants scurry to and fro casting furtive glances over their shoulders.

If Lord Grauenburg's reign of terror is to end, the town must be liberated and a forward base established for the assault on Grauenburg Castle.

Stage 1: Rally Cowering Peasants

Stage 2: Secure the Flanks

Stage 3: August Segur

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