Empire Chapter 16 PQ
Castle Grauenburg
zone: Reikland

Castle Grauenburg Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 16

location: Reik River Observatory, Reikland, Chapter 16

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Reik River Bandits, The Enemy Within

PQ Lore: Whatever plans Lord Grauenburg may have, it is clear they are not peaceful in their intention.

Through forced conscription, the militia has swelled to twice its previous size.

Between the increased size of his forces and the curious construction of his defenses, it is vital that the Order of the Griffon discover just what is going on inside the walls of Grauenburg's Castle before it becomes too late to stop him.

Stage 1: Grauenburg Sorcerer

Stage 2: Champion Kilmer

Stage 3: Lord Grauenburg

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