Empire Chapter 17 PQ
Screaming Daemons

Screaming Daemons Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 17

location: Lieberholz's Command, Praag, Chapter 17

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Sundered Fortress, Unlikely Allies

PQ Lore: A great encampment of the Raven Host lies outside of the Sundered Fortress. The sole purpose of this camp is to summon the twisted minions of Chaos for the siege upon the great fortress.

The shrieking of the Screamers can be heard all around. The low chanting of the Sorcerers' dark rituals rolls across the landscape like distant war drums, as the Raven Host creates a seemingly endless river of Daemons flowing towards the fortress.

Stage 1: Heartripper Horrors

Stage 2: Raven Screambringers

Stage 3: Yaardin the Cruel

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