Empire Chapter 17 PQ
The Sundered Fortress

The Sundered Fortress Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 17

location: Lieberholz's Command, Praag, Chapter 17

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Screaming Daemons, Unlikely Allies

PQ Lore: The battered walls of this ancient fortress have withstood countless assaults, but in one mighty upheaval of earth and fire, the towering edifice that had stood for centuries was laid low.

Now, a great rent in the earth divides the ancient castle and its courtyard into two parts. Those that survived the conflagration had little time to thank Ranald for the shock of the sudden earthquake was quickly followed by a bombardment of Hellcannons.

Outnumbered and exposed, the men of the Empire scramble for their weapons and armor before the main attack begins in earnest.

Stage 1: Raven Flame Magi

Stage 2: Sundered Defenders Rescued

Stage 3: Raven Hellfeasters

Stage 4: Bhelgorn the Whisperer

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