Empire Chapter 18 PQ
Broken Ground
zone: Praag

Broken Ground Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 18

location: Death's Cross, Praag, Chapter 18

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Eyes in the Dark, Gospodar Square

PQ Lore: Before the soldiers of the Order of the Griffon could mobilize a counterattack against the Raven Host's forward siege battery, the Hellcannons had reduced the southwestern quarter of the city to a maze of burning rubble.

Now, Dark Elves have taken advantage of the chaos created by the bombardment and infiltrated the southwestern quarter. Now the Druchii lie in wait to ambush the soldiers of the Order as they move to secure the area.

Stage 1: Wounded Defenders Rescued

Stage 2: Doomglade Shadows

Stage 3: Locate and Defeat Assassin Deathweaver

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