Empire Chapter 18 PQ
Eyes in the Dark
zone: Praag

Eyes in the Dark Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 18

location: Death's Cross, Praag, Chapter 18

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Broken Ground, Gospodar Square

PQ Lore: Soldiers returning from patrols report the rise of a new cult in Praag. This new sect is devoted to contagion, and counts the rabid, disease-ridden vermin as the holiest of creatures. To the experienced eye of Captain Becker, this news aligns all too neatly with the creatures known as Skaven; bipedal rat men of malicious intelligence who are constantly plotting the destruction of the Empire.

If the Skaven have allied with the Raven Host, the Order of the Griffon's brave soldiers may quickly find themselves outmaneuvered. The Skaven threat must be dealt with, and quickly.

Stage 1: Plaguetail Prophet

Stage 2: Warpwind Plague Priest

Stage 3: Lord Quol

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