Empire Chapter 19 PQ
Beasts of War
zone: Praag

Beasts of War Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 19

location: Knight's Watch, Praag, Chapter 19

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Griffon's Last Stand, Hell's Fall

PQ Lore: The enemy forces attacking Praag have brought many allies with them. Beastmen from several herds have sworn allegiance to Tchar'zanek's warhost, and now march under the banner of the Raven God.

The Beastmen provide excellent shock troops to use at the vanguard of the Raven Host's first push into Praag. Tchar'zanek will happily let the savage, animalistic warriors lead the charge into the areas where the Empire's defenses are strongest.

Stage 1: Ravenherd Ambushers

Stage 2: Fabricators Killed

Stage 3: Ravenherd Trolls

Stage 4: Krughroth Shorthorn

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