Empire Chapter 19 PQ
Griffon's Last Stand
zone: Praag

Griffon's Last Stand Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 19

location: Knight's Watch, Praag, Chapter 19

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Beasts of War, Hell's Fall

PQ Lore: The defenders of Praag are beset on all sides by the enemy. Their survival now hangs by a thread, and the commander of the Order of the Griffon has a difficult choice to make. Hiding within the walls will keep the armies of Chaos at bay for a while, but without supplies, the soldiers will succumb to starvation and pestilence. A glorious charge into the enemy line would at least ensure an honorable death, but what if help is on the way?

Only one thing is certain - for the embattled soldiers of the Empire, time is running out.

Stage 1: Raven Eye Horde

Stage 2: Revived Wounded

Stage 3: Defend Barricades

Stage 4: Commander Konitzer

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