Empire Chapter 19 PQ
Hell's Fall
zone: Praag

Hell's Fall Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 19

location: Knight's Watch, Praag, Chapter 19

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Beasts of War, Griffon's Last Stand

PQ Lore: A small battery of Hellcannons has been established to the west of Praag. The fighting in the city has been too intense to spare a force to deal with the battery... until now.

An unexpected break in the siege has afforded the Empire's leaders the chance to do something about the enemy battery. A detachment of soldiers has been sent to assault the position and eliminate the threat posed by the Hellcannons.

Stage 1: Raven Hellbringers

Stage 2: Raven Darcanists

Stage 3: Ghrulichar the Unfleshed

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