Empire Chapter 20 PQ
Dance of Bones

Dance of Bones Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 20

location: Kallenbach Expedition, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Lost Artifacts, Razing an Army

PQ Lore: Looming over the tiny encampment below, the Black Ice Fortress is an ominous reminder to the soldiers of the Empire that they are venturing deep into a strange and forbidding land where Chaos holds sway.

From deep within the fortress, the wails of the undead sound. An evil Necromancers looks down upon the small encampment with eager eyes, seeing only new fodder for his gruesome army.

Stage 1: Skeletal Wrathborn

Stage 2: Marighast the Vile

Stage 3: Marighast the Liche

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