Empire Chapter 20 PQ
Lost Artifacts

Lost Artifacts Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 20

location: Kallenbach Expedition, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Dance of Bones, Razing an Army

PQ Lore: For years uncounted, Marighast the Necromancer has plotted. When his grand scheme reaches fruition, he will command a vast army of undead thralls, and he will crush all who oppose him.

The key to his plan is a collection of potent magical artifacts gathered from across the world. If the Empire is to have any hope of defeating Marighast's plans, they must find and destroy the artifacts.

Stage 1: Ebonlore Reaver

Stage 2: Destroy Skull of Naroth

Stage 3: Corvalusz the Unmaker

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