Empire Chapter 20 PQ
Razing an Army

Razing an Army Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 20

location: Kallenbach Expedition, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Dance of Bones, Lost Artifacts

PQ Lore: Mindless dead, linked to their master by the dark puppet strings of necromancy flourish under the maniacal gaze of their liche-kin. They shamble back and forth through the ruins of the Black Ice Fortress, rousing the long-dead and adding to the rank's of Marighast's army.

With each day, the size of the undead horde grows. The Order of the Griffno must act quickly to stop this threat before it is too late.

Stage 1: Frostmarrow Braineaters

Stage 2: Frostmarrow Wailers

Stage 3: Ahrok the Obliterator

Stage 4: Frostmarrow Deadraiser

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