Empire Chapter 21 PQ
The Siren Sea

The Siren Sea Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 21

location: Camp of the Faithful, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 21

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Madness, The Reaping Field

PQ Lore: The Daemons of the Siren Sea have centuries of practice at breaking the minds of men. They know what sweet words to gently whisper. They know where the cracks in the armor of willpower expose the soft underbelly of greed and lust. They take unholy delight in the torment of flesh and spirit, the domination of mind and soul. Decadence is offered but pain is reaped.

Not all the foes the Empire faces in the Chaos Wastes will fight with totth, claw and blade. Some will seduce and tempt, and they might be the most dangerous of all.

Stage 1: Free Songdrawn Captives

Stage 2: Topple the Siren Braziers

Stage 3: Kharessa the Beautiful

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