Empire Chapter 21 PQ
The Reaping Field

The Reaping Field Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 21

location: Camp of the Faithful, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 21

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Madness, The Siren Sea

PQ Lore: The foulest, most deadly of all the Chaos Spawn reign supreme within the Reaping Field. Their unquenchable thirst for blood has led them to measures that defy explanation in human terms.

These abhorrent beasts kill for pleasure. Dripping with the blood and gore from their countless victories, the Bloodletters wail for more victims and for fresh sacrifices to the Ruinous Powers.

Stage 1: Reaping Flesh Hounds

Stage 2: Reaping Spawn

Stage 3: Bhargul the Bloodreaper

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