Empire Chapter 22 PQ
Altar of Madness

Altar of Madness Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 22

location: Fires of Sigmar, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 22

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Fall of Night, Ebon Keep

PQ Lore: Such is the evil influence of the Great Manipulator that mortal men of the north would willingly gives up their lives to increase his power. These terrible sacrifices take place at the Altar of Madness, where the ranks of the warhost are replenished as mortal men are transformed into abominable Chaos Spawn.

This blasphemous altar must be destroyed and those who worship here put to the sword.

Stage 1: Eboncreed Elder

Stage 2: Altar of Madness

Stage 3: Mindless Devoted

Stage 4: Vhergaal the Fatebringer

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