Empire Chapter 22 PQ
Ebon Keep

Ebon Keep Public Quest

Order, Empire, Chapter 22

location: Fires of Sigmar, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 22

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Fall of Night, Altar of Madness

PQ Lore: What is known is that the Ebon Keep contains the final key to unlocking the gate that bars entry to the Inevitable City. The long campaign to locate the source of Tchar'zanek's power is finally nearing the end. The secrets contained in the Ebon Keep must be discovered or all hope of turning back the dark tides of Chaos will be lost forever.

Stage 1: Release Viktor Riese

Stage 2: Twisted Spawn

Stage 3: Mouth of Change

Stage 4: Yrilesnirin the Changer

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